Birth Stories

Thanks so much for taking us so comprehensively through all the HypnoBirthing material and practices.  I must say I’m finding the relaxation CD very effective and I’m out within minutes each time!  Nick is definitely getting the hang of the light touch massage technique, much to my delight.  No reason to stop after the birth is all I can say!


I want to say a huge thank you to you for all the wonderful support and help you gave us during Charlie’s birth.  You were everything I could possibly have hoped for in a midwife, kind, patient, encouraging and realistic.  After Charlie was born, I was really grateful to you for giving us so much advice when he refused to feed.  Five weeks on and we are doing really well – Charlie’s decided he really likes to feed!  We’re really enjoying being a family and have really fond memories of the first few days of his life.  Thanks once again for everything you did, it really made all the difference.

Susannah & Matt

This is a very small thank you for the wonderful support during my labour and birth of Dylan.  Your calm and reassuring patience was fantastic, especially when we had to head to theatre.  Dylan and I were very lucky to have you and I shall certainly tell him when he is older what a glamorous midwife he had.

Lots of love Alison


Dear Regina, a huge thank you for being so wonderful!  My labour was a lovely experience.  I felt cared for, listened to and so well looked after.  You brought so much love and positive energy into the birth process, which made a world of difference.  Even though I ended up with a caesarean, I feel like I achieved a great deal with your support.

Much love from us all, Helen, Dan & Imogen

Helen, Dan & Imogen

Dearest Regina, words cannot describe all the lives you have touched, all the people – big & small – who were grateful for your care.  Thank you, from me, for being my midwife during the most wonderful (and scary) week of my life.  Thank you, from Jason for taking care of him while his mommy slept and became well after the birth.


The HypnoBirthing programme worked for us on SO many levels and was ultimately a key element in us achieving the perfect birth that we spent so long visualising and preparing for.  But, more important than the concept itself, was your ability to make it real and to listen to and understand our needs and fears.  I can’t really thank you enough for contributing to and enabling the most amazing day of my life.

Viva la HypnoBirthing