Birth from a dads perspective

Most times you only hear of what the mother went through and how the whole pregnancy/birthing experience was for her, and although she is the person at the centre of it all, fathers also go through a roller coaster of emotions. We have two other children, both born in hospitals via ‘conventional’ births. I still remember these births and they were both quite traumatic. The first time I remember thinking during labour (at the risk of getting lynched now) ‘ if one of them is Continue reading →

Have you ever wondered if a doula is right for you

Do I need a doula? My name is Lauren Mishcon, I live in north London with my husband, three young sons and an energetic springer spaniel. I’m passionate about birth and for seven years now I’ve worked as a birth doula with expectant couples, helping women achieve their own positive experience of birth. A doula – a Greek word meaning ‘woman servant or caregiver’ – gives emotional and practical support to a woman or couple before, during and after childbirth. We believe in “mothering the Continue reading →

My home birth that became a hospital birth

Opting for home birth: Learning that the future of independent midwifery is at risk, I had to write down my own experience. I believe that every woman should have the option of making her own choice where she would give birth. The thought of not having this choice brings us back to darker times for women. My birth did not go as I had planned. I planned on a natural home birth, believing I will breathe my baby out, nature at its best. Reality was Continue reading →