Breast Feeding

roccobfBreast feeding is the most natural way to feed your baby. Unfortunately when you have a new baby they don’t come with an instruction manual, you’re both learning. Because it’s supposed to be so natural, when we don’t succeed we tend to either struggle on or give up.

This is where the help from a midwife who is passionate about breastfeeding is second to none. If your baby isn’t correctly positioned and latched onto the breast, feeding will not be easy.

Every mum and baby dyad is different, even if it’s not your first baby, it’ll be like being a complete novice again. By getting the latch and position correct from the beginning, milk transfer will be more effective, your baby will thrive and as a result you’ll be a much more relaxed mum.

Feeding intervals, length of feeding sessions and the amount of milk you produce all play important roles in getting the optimal feeding for your baby. This is best evaluated on a one to one basis and sometimes you have to adjust one or the other depending on the circumstances.

For personal one to one support for breast feeding in London please contact me for more information. I am an IBCLC Lactation Consultant and tongue tie practitioner.