My home birth that became a hospital birth

Opting for home birth:

Learning that the future of independent midwifery is at risk, I had to write down my own experience. I believe that every woman should have the option of making her own choice where she would give birth. The thought of not having this choice brings us back to darker times for women.

My birth did not go as I had planned. I planned on a natural home birth, believing I will breathe my baby out, nature at its best. Reality was different. My birth did not progress, my sodium levels dropped, I became very confused and was transferred to a hospital where I had a forceps delivery.

On the surface it would seem as if I am advocating giving birth in a hospital, but second time around – I would do it exactly the same.

I am grateful for the medical team that was there for me when I needed it, but am happy I had the chance to start the process at home, and give my body and my baby the opportunity to work without intervention. Regina and Nyree supported me before, during, and after the birth and the whole experience was very empowering.

Home births do not negate medical support when needed. Rather they place medical support at bay – to be used when necessary.

Even though I ended up in a hospital I would still start my next birth at home, believing that the second time around will be easier, knowing that the hospital is just an ambulance drive away.