Postnatal Care

jo&jaya3Most people underestimate the value of postnatal care. Much emphasis is placed upon antenatal care and preparation for the birth of your baby. It can be quite daunting coming home with your new baby, not knowing where to get support from.

The support you receive can make a big difference in your adjustment to parenthood. With NHS services stretched to the maximum, knowing there is someone who knows you and your baby on the other side of the phone if you have any concerns can be very reassuring.

Midwives are responsible for your care up to 28 days after childbirth and you will see your NHS midwife 3 times, on average. As an Independent midwife I am able to provide all the care that you will receive from your NHS Community Midwife. In addition private midwifery care is for a period of 6 weeks.

Our visits will not be rushed, therefore if you have problems for example with breastfeeding I will have the time to assist you. I work closely with, and have links to many health professionals and if necessary will refer you to the appropriate person. You may engage my services in addition to or instead of those provided by your local NHS Trust. You have the option of purchasing one off appointments on an as needed basis or a package of six weeks.

Please contact me for more information on the postnatal care in London